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Ms. Rong(Market、Product、Plan)



Ms. Rong(Skill、Arts、Operate)


Game Operations Specialist
  • Category:Operation
  • Department:Operations
  • Number:1 person

Operating duty:

1. Participate in project establishment, suggest and optimize project plan
2. Responsible for daily operation, including game maintenance, player maintenance, channel maintenance
3. Responsible for implementation of various stages when going online, including but not limited to testing and docking
4, coordinate the communication within the company, make the operation of the project or department tend to be benign
5, responsible for the promotion of new games and versions of the game; responsible for the planning and implementation of the game activities
6, deep exploration of the player's game Preferences, provide direction for the game version change and subsequent optimization
7, dock with the customer service to solve the daily problems of the game

Tenure requirements:

1. Strong logical thinking and data analysis skills
2. Strong execution, responsibility, ability to resist stress, patience, and ability to adapt to higher-intensity work
3. Communication and coordination skills And the spirit of teamwork
4, familiar with the development process of game products, understand the main division of labor and principles of the various departments in the development project
5, familiar with Xian Xia, magic, chess, competitive and leisure products, have unique insights on the game, understand the industry development of

Resume sent to:hr@lumokeji.com