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Ms. Rong(Market、Product、Plan)



Ms. Rong(Skill、Arts、Operate)


  • Category:Function
  • Department:Personnel department
  • Number:1 person

Operating duty:

1. Professional positions, regularly complete quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of superiors, and data collation and analysis of recruitment work
2. Understand the employment requirements of various departments
3. Implement recruitment work, publish recruitment advertisements, Conduct resume screening, evaluate candidates and provide preliminary interview reports
4. Manage and develop recruitment channels
5. Maintain talent pool.

Tenure requirements:

1. Priority is given to human resources or related majors or above
2, more than one year of relevant work experience is preferred
3. Practical experience in human resources recruitment
4. Gentle, patient, proactive, honest, loyal and trustworthy, Work rigorously, with good language and writing skills
5, skilled use of office software.

Resume sent to:hr@lumokeji.com