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Ms. Rong(Market、Product、Plan)



Ms. Rong(Skill、Arts、Operate)


Assistant to the general manager
  • Category:Function
  • Department:Personnel department
  • Number:1 person

Operating duty:

1. Senior staff position, assist the superior to perform general tasks without more work experience
2. Provide secretarial services directly to the manager
3. Can handle emergencies independently, or take the initiative to deal with some urgent matters when the boss is absent
4. Communicate with managers of other departments
5. Determine and arrange meeting time
6. Responsible for the organization and archiving of meeting materials
7. Complete other transactional work assigned by superiors

Tenure requirements:

1. Gender requirements are female, public relations, administrative management, business management and other related professional qualifications
2, more than three years of general manager assistant work experience, have experience in this field is preferred
3, knowledge structure is more comprehensive, rich Management experience, understanding of legal and financial knowledge, able to quickly grasp the various knowledge related to the company's business
4, strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills and keen insight, very strong Judgment and decision-making ability, planning and execution ability
5, good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable, good conduct
6, skilled use of office software

Resume sent to:hr@lumokeji.com