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Ms. Rong(Market、Product、Plan)



Ms. Rong(Skill、Arts、Operate)


art design
  • Category:design
  • Department:Operations
  • Number:1 person

Operating duty:

1. Responsible for the design of advertising design drawings and landing pages of the company's game products
2. Designing related materials for company company activities
3. Game-related design work.

Tenure requirements:

1, at least uc headline, Baidu, Guangdiantong, today's headlines, friends circle, Zhihui push and so on any experience in the production of competitive advertising materials
2, solid art skills, good creative thinking and understanding , can timely grasp the needs of users
3, engaged in advertising design work for more than 3 years, engaged in game design or video design experience for more than 1 year
4, familiar with online advertising, mobile advertising production experience
5, proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Design software
6, have unique insights into the user preferences of the game industry, you can control the advertising style of different styles.

Resume sent to:hr@lumokeji.com