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Ms. Rong(Market、Product、Plan)



Ms. Rong(Skill、Arts、Operate)


Introducing a business manager
  • Category:Business
  • Department:Ministry of Commerce
  • Number:1 person

Operating duty:

1. Responsible for the company to introduce high-quality mobile game products, cooperation and negotiation
2. Responsible for the development, follow-up and relationship maintenance of external game business partners
3. Timely feedback, cooperate with the operation to propose relevant requirements to CP to optimize products. ,online
4. Establish long-term friendly cooperative relations with CP to promote deep cooperation with high-quality CP.

Tenure requirements:

1, 2 years of experience in the introduction of game business products, there are certain mobile games cp resources are preferred
2, understand mobile game products and markets, have good judgment on products and markets
3, excellent business negotiation capabilities, there are Good psychological quality and strong interpersonal communication
4, work is meticulous, responsible, and strong sense of teamwork;

Resume sent to:hr@lumokeji.com