Company Profile
Shenzhen Lumo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Merma Technology”), established in Shenzhen in December 2017, is a game company with independent research and development and operation capabilities to create the most popular and world-class influence. Game boutique is the company vision.

The founding team of the company is made up of experienced industry players in the game field. Team members have extensive experience in mobile game development and distribution. Silent Technology fully integrates its powerful operating system, three-dimensional marketing capability and superior technical advantages, and has established an excellent agency distribution reserve and research and development system. Its products include "Cangwu Duel", "Tian Shen Chuan", "Magic Waters", "Sprinting Dragon", "Yi Xian Legend", etc. We believe that there will be more and more fun mobile games in the future.

Silent Technology adheres to the corporate culture of “customer first, happiness first, honesty-based”. We hope that all employees have this trait and become a true elite in the industry, constantly enriching and self-learning. The development goal of Motech has laid a more solid foundation and is committed to building national boutique online games and making positive contributions to the development of China's online entertainment industry.